School and Universities near Royal Mediterania Garden

Royal Mediterania Garden is located inside Podomoro City Superblock, the biggest and most famous superblock in Jakarta. This area is surrounded by many shopping malls, universities, and public facilities. Royal Mediterania Garden is the perfect residence for some college students who need a comfy place near their university.

If you are a college student in West Jakarta and your university is located near Royal Mediterania Garden, you can consider this apartment for saving time. We have made list about schools and universities near Royal Mediterania Garden, have a look if your universities is in the list!

Kristen Krida Wacana University (Ukrida)

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This university has a few campuses and Campus 1 is the nearest campus from Royal Mediterania Garden. Campus 2 is located 2,8 km from Royal Mediterania Garden and usually used by medical students. So, if you are Ukrida’s student and your activities is mostly in Campus 1, Royal Mediterania Garden is the perfect place. You can just take taxi motorcycle (ojek) online for 5 mins or  700 meter to reach Kristen Krida Wacana University Campus 1.

Tarumanagara University (Untar)

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Untar also has two campuses. Campus 2 is located right alongside Ciputra Mall and Campus 1 is across the street. So, Untar student can easily walk to Ciputra Mall for hangout and all they need is to cross over the street using pedestrian bridge to reach both campus buildings.

Tarumanagara University is located 1,4 km from Royal Mediterania Garden. You can take ojek online for 5 mins or TransJakarta from Podomoro City shelter and stop at Grogol shelter to reach Untar from Royal Mediterania Garden.

Trisakti University

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This university is famous for its “Trisakti Shootings” incident in 12 May 1998, when four students were killed and dozens injured. For commemoration of the incident, monument and Trisakti Museum in Trisakti University were built.

Trisakti University has a few campuses spreading in Jakarta and there are three campuses in Grogol, Jakarta near Royal Mediterania Garden. This campus is located right beside Tarumanagara University Campus 1, so you can use ojek online or TransJakarta and stop at Grogol shelter, like Untar students to reach Trisakti University.

Esa Unggul University

Kantin Esa Unggul

Esa Unggul University is located 2,6 km from Royal Mediterania Garden right beside Ukrida Campus 2. Esa Unggul University building is located near Kebon Jeruk highway and sometimes the traffic around there is pretty bad. So, many people usually pass through Tanjung Duren area from Royal Mediterania Garden to reach Esa Unggul for less traffic.

Binus University Kemanggisan

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This university also has a few campuses and three of them are located in Kemanggisan area. Luckily, they are placed near each other so the students can just walk to reach the other campus. Anggrek Campus is the most recent and has a modern design, you can find Starbucks here! The distance from Royal Mediterania Garden is 5 km and you can use ojek online for fast and cheap transportation.

SMAK 1 Penabur

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There are so many universities located near Royal Mediterania Garden. But, how about schools? If you need residence for small family and your kids is SMAK 1 Penabur student or planning to continue their education there, Royal Mediterania Garden is the perfect place for your family. SMAK 1 Penabur is only 600 meters from Royal Mediterania Garden, your kids just need to walk for 8 mins and they can easily reach their school.


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This high school is one of the favourite high schools in West Jakarta. It is located near Binus University Kemanggisan and only 4,1 km from Royal Mediterania Garden. SMAN 78 has two entrance gates. Their front gate is right across Binus Square, the dormitory for Binus University’s student. Usually people will use the back gate because the back area is more spacious and broad enough for parking.

Bina Bangsa School

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Are your kids still in primary school? If you do, then Bina Bangsa School is here for your kids. This international school was founded in 2001 and provide education for preschool, primary, secondary, and junior college. The preschool and primary school are located right beside SMAN 78 when the secondary school and junior college are located across Esa Unggul School. If you don’t have time to pick up your kids after school, no need to worry because this school also has a shuttle bus for their students.

Can you find your school or university in the list? There are many schools and universities near Royal Mediterania Garden, hence, making this apartment the perfect option for college students and family!